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by Dan (Philip's son)

Philip was born at an early age, one very cold, December 27th morning, a long, long, long time ago. 

And seeing as it had to happen somewhere, it happened in Cavendish Lodge, a very nice, 16-room, 17th Century hunting lodge, in Doveridge, in Derbyshire. 

When Philip was 9, the family relocated to Bramshall, Staffordshire, in order for Cavendish Lodge to be flattened to make way for the Doveridge village by-pass.  As luck would have it, shortly afterwards the by-pass also decided to relocate, meaning that a very nice, 16-room, 17th century hunting lodge is no longer standing, because of a road that ended up over half a mile away.   Not very good planning.   And rather surprisingly, Philip didn't actually have anything to do with it.

As with all Lewis children, Philip was soon off to  Denstone College in Staffordshire (a public school, but please don't hold that against him), where he developed his great aversion to hot desserts with custard and to sago, rice and tapioca.     However he also developed there his life-long love of theatre and his performance as Hamlet's Father's Ghost is often spoken of in hushed tones by old boys from the school - even though they have all tried desperately to erase it from their memories.

After this, Philip spent four years at Reading University (of which one was spent working (ha!) in a German theatre) and he was finally presented with an honours degree in German and French Drama.   (Unfortunately, since then his acting hasn't really improved - not that it was that good anyway).

Philip's first job (apart from selling oriental carpets for the same company where Ken Barlow from 'Coronation Street' also once worked) was as a Prop man in the Cologne Operahouse and Playhouse and he's never looked back, which is probably just as well.  

Philip spent 17 years at the BBC in London working on programmes such as "Grange Hill" and "Narnia" before going freelance and moving on to work on such programmes as "EastEnders" and "Coronation Street".   Well, "out of the frying pan ...", as they say.       His actions behind the camera, as well as his actions in front of the camera standing-in for artists during rehearsals, are well documented (and indeed I suspect may one day be used in evidence against him).

Now, happily married, Philip spends much of his spare time (married? spare time? erm ...) listening to and writing music, forcing computers to do what he wants them to do rather than what they want him to do, reading Private Eye and doing the odd voiceover - some of them very odd indeed, if you ask me.

He can often be heard talking loudly in a jolly, booming voice (according to the neighbours at least) and at dinner he frequently reminisces about the high-point of his career when he once played the Queen Mother for the Royal Variety Show - well, for the Dress Rehearsal anyhow (and very nice he looked in the dress too, apparently).

Anyhow, thank you for reading this.     I'd be most grateful if you could give my Dad a job, as it means he can then actually pay me something for doing this site for him.


"Living With Lou Movie"