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Skills & Experience


  • has more than 25 years experience as Drama First Assistant Director, Floor Manager and Location Manager

  • Holds industry-standard Safety for Productions Passport

  • is used to doing risk assessment and control is both BBC and ITV approved and has completed the BBC Advanced Total Concept Risk Assessment Course plus the BBC Risk Management for Productions Course

  • On-set Assessment by BBC Safety Services:
    "The floor was well disciplined and controlled by 1st AD Philip Lewis. Bearing in mind the large number of young and excitable actors this was extremely important. (...) The unit worked at a safe, steady pace ... was safe in its general working practice ... and control of young people (was) particularly good."

  • is highly computer-literate (details) and is used to extensive intricate, multi-unit, multi-episodic scheduling, both with and without EP Scheduling/Movie Magic (and can provide own computer and copy of EP Scheduling v4/Movie Magic)


  • can integrate Final Draft and ScreenWriter 2000 with MovieMagic Scheduler/EP Scheduling

  • is proficient in using ITV's ShakesPA scheduling software

  • has worked on film and tape, single and multi-camera, studio and location, live and recorded programming

  • has extensive experience of bluescreen, SFX and stunts (crashes, falls, flame, smoke, water, vehicles, fights, etc)

  • is used to maintaining a good daily shot rate

  • is used to working to a budget

  • has a good knowledge of current UK Child Licensing Laws and works well with children, young adults and inexperienced artists

  • is very experienced in overseeing action sequences involving children and inexperienced performers

  • has many good contacts in the business


SPECIAL skills

  • speaks and writes German well (has worked in opera and theatre in Germany and has University Degree in German); some knowledge of spoken and written French

  • is knowledgeable about current production technology, virtual studios, off-line editing, DVE, AudioFile, Quantel, ADO, bluescreen/chromakey, matting, etc

  • is highly computer-literate - very experienced user of MovieMagic, EP Scheduler, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, FrontPage,Visio, PhotoShop, can program in Visual Basic, HTML, JavaScript and has designed/built several professional Internet Web sites

  • is able to offer bespoke MS Office solutions in MS Access, MS Excel and MS Word to address information, scheduling and budgeting requirements for example the Advanced Schedule Timer (Beta)

  • has full UK driving licence and experience of off-road driving

  • is musical - plays keyboards and flute, sings, reads and composes music

  • does voice work and has own professional recording facility

  • does Walk-On work