++++ "I thought your calm and professionalism on set was a wonder to behold! Fantastic." Shani Grewel, Director, “Casualty” ++++ "... without you driving us good-humouredly on, we'd never have pulled it off. Really enjoyed working with you again." Rob Rohrer, Director, "Doctors" ++++ "It was great to have your calm, steady but flexible presence and decisions on set last week” Chris Lovett, Director, "Casualty" ++++ "It was a pleasure working with you ... This project could not have happened without your help, knowledge and expertise." John Maidens, Director "DoNation Special" ++++ "Philip is the kind of Assistant Director it is always a pleasure to work with – intelligent, organised, energetic, and full of good humour." Nic Phillips, Director, "EastEnders", "Doctors" ++++ "It is always good news for me to hear that we are to be working together as I know I will be in good, capable hands ... knowing that any problems are being dealt with in the best possible way" Michael Owen Morris, Director, "EastEnders" ++++ "Philip displayed a commanding presence on set which he tempered with a great deal of humour thus creating an extremely pleasant working environment where everyone was completely focussed and yet relaxed enough to be very creative. His experience and maturity are also invaluable and mean that he is unflappable at particularly stressful moments." Pip Short, Director, "Emmerdale" ++++